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Black Tusk Research Group is a Site Management Organization located in downtown Vancouver that specializes in operating clinical trials for hospital investigators. Our duties range from carrying out project specific tasks to conducting project management from start to finish. Black Tusk is currently aiding over 45 principal investigators, actively managing over 200 pharmaceutical and academic trials, and has partnered with over 10 pharmaceutical sponsors. Professional integrity and patient centered care are among our core values.

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Dedicated professionals with an appetite for research and patient-centered care

Lynda Lazosky.jpg

Lynda Lazosky, RRT, BSc, CCRP

Founder & CEO


Lynda has been in the clinical trials ecosphere for more than 20 years. She founded Black Tusk in 2014 and has been Chief Executive Officer ever since. She is also a licensed respiratory therapist.


John Boyd, MD, PhD

Co-Founder & CMO


Dr. Boyd is a co-founder of Black Tusk as well as an Associate Professor in internal medicine at the University of British Columbia. He is also an Intensivist the St. Paul's Hospital ICU and an Investigator at the Centre for Heart Lung Innovation.

Jacobo Lopez 2_edited.jpg

Jacobo Lopez, BCom

VP Finance & Operations


Jacobo has been working under various roles for five years at Black Tusk. He has experience in pharma budgeting, financial modelling, payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, logistics, operations, and human resources.

Danielle Muller.jpg

Danielle Pinheiro Muller,

Clinical Research Manager - SAVE BC


Danielle has twenty years of previous experience as a Medical Doctor, a residency in Pediatrics and a Fellowship in Pediatric Gastroenterology. She also boasts two years of work in clinical research as a coordinator and is currently a manager of a Biobank of Coronary Artery Disease in young adults with almost 1,000 patients enrolled.


Mayel Gharanei, PhD, MA

Clinical Research Manager - Pulmonology


Mayel Gharanei, PhD, MA, is a distinguished figure in the fields of clinical research and biomedical science, holding a Ph.D. in Physiology, Pharmacology, and Cardiotoxicity. With a robust academic background and international experience spanning the UK, USA, and Canada, Mayel excels in clinical trial management and regulatory oversight, resulting in groundbreaking discoveries in cardiovascular diseases. His numerous awards, including the Research Team of the Year Award and the Aspire Award, reflect his commitment to advancing science and securing substantial research funding. Mayel's wide-ranging expertise encompasses leadership, research in cardiac diseases, gene-editing, drug development, and more, while his dedication to teaching and interdisciplinary collaboration positions him as a respected leader in the scientific community, with a strong focus on innovation and patient care. Publications in high-impact journals and presentations at prestigious international conferences underscore his ongoing contributions to medical research.


Melika (Fatemeh) Nouri, MD

Clinical Research Manager - Cystic Fibrosis


Melika, MD, is a dedicated healthcare professional who is deeply committed to advancing medical research and enhancing patient care. With a solid foundation in medicine and research, Melika obtained her medical degree in Iran and gained valuable experience at Masih Daneshvari Hospital, a leading CF treatment facility in the region. Her direct involvement with CF patients during internships and work has provided her with a profound understanding of the disease and fueled her passion for CF research. In her role as a Clinical Project Manager at BTRG, Melika leverages her expertise to lead CF studies and contribute to the development of innovative treatments. With her extensive medical and research background, Melika excels at efficiently managing projects, coordinating research activities, and ensuring the timely completion of studies. Her unwavering commitment to improving outcomes for CF patients drives her work, as she continuously strives to make impactful contributions to CF research and advance patient care.

Anu pic.jpg

Anusha Karna, MSc

Clinical Research Manager - IPF


Anusha Karna is a dedicated professional with a strong passion for healthcare and research. Her educational journey led her to attain a dual master's degree in Global Health and Human Services Administration, complemented by a second master's degree in Pharmacy, specializing in Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance. With over nine years of experience in the dynamic field of Clinical Research, she has honed her skills in designing, managing, and executing clinical trials that have a tangible impact on healthcare. Her work not only contributes to the advancement of medical science but also enhances healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

Will Johnston.jpg

Will Johnston, MSc

CRA: Site Startup Specialist


Will has been involved in all aspects of clinical research, from data acquisition and wet-lab work to study start-up, coordination, and project management. Since his introduction to clinical research, Will has lead various exercise oncology research studies and community-based initiatives, focusing on quality-of-life support, disease prevention, and treatment efficacy for individuals living with or impacted by cancer. Currently, Will is working at BTRG, overseeing start-up activities relating to the launch of new clinical research studies.


Beatriz de Barros, MSc

Clinical Research Coordinator


Beatriz has been conducting research since 2016. She holds a master’s degree in nutrition and is currently a PhD candidate in the same field. At present, she serves as a Clinical Research Coordinator at Black Tusk Research Group, contributing to Healthy Heart studies.

Anna Bio Picture.jpg

Anna Appah, MSc

Clinical Research Coordinator


Anna is a goal driven lady who believes in seizing opportunities when they arise. At the undergraduate level, Anna studied Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology and later pursued a combined teaching and research assistantship at the Biochemistry Department (University of Ghana) and West African Centre for Cell Biology of Infectious Diseases respectively. Anna has a master’s in Health Sciences from SFU. Passionate about Healthcare, research and knowledge translation, Anna currently works with BTRG as a clinical research coordinator under the Healthy Heart team and hopes to make an impact in health administration and knowledge translation in healthcare across the globe.


Oksana Korolova, MD, PhD

Clinical Research Coordinator


Oksana is a highly motivated Medical Research Specialist restarting his career in Canada at Black Tusk Research Group. She leverages her previous twenty years of experience in Ukraine to contribute to the treatment of people around the globe by conducting effective Clinical Trials in the BTRG team. She has practical medicine experience as an MD in the Main Military Medical Clinical Center (Kyiv, Ukraine) since 2002. Oksana holds a PhD in Neurology and has experience in Clinical Trials in different roles since 2018.  She focused on excellence in international Clinical Trials standards and patient-oriented research practice.


Badri Soltani, MD

Clinical Research Coordinator


Badri Soltani is a dedicated Clinical Research Coordinator. She joined the BTRG team at St. Paul's Hospital in 2021. Her involvement has been crucial in significant project successes, especially a notable multi-center US-based study where the team ranked first in Canada and fifth in North America.

Aside from her current role, Badri is a physician from her home country, now pursuing her medical license in Canada. Her contributions to patient-focused research and commitment to international clinical trial standards showcase her dedication to healthcare and global well-being.

Photo_for_ID (2).png

Jafar Hasbullah, PhD

Clinical Research Ethics Coordinator


Jafar Hasbullah, PhD has a passion for ethics and policies that govern human welfare. His PhD research specialized in the critical field of pharmacogenetics and adverse drug reactions. At BTRG, he contributes his expertise to the ethics and regulatory department, overseeing multiple concurrent clinical trials and grant-funded patient research.


Amy Ho, RN

Clinical Research Ethics Coordinator


Amy is responsible for ethics maintenance activities in BTRG.  She has working experience in pharmaceutical, nutritional and food industries mainly in Medical Affairs and Clinical Research, Regulatory and Quality roles.  Amy is a Registered Nurse in Ontario and Hong Kong. 


Ligia Zampieri, MD

Clinical Research Manager - ICU & Cardiology


Ligia is a highly accomplished Medical Doctor with over ten years of international medical experience. As the research team lead at BTRG, she brings more than three years of expertise in clinical research. In her current role, Ligia spearheads studies in ICU, Healthy Heart, and Neurology, showcasing her leadership in diverse medical fields.

Ligia is committed to international clinical trial standards and patient-oriented research. Her contribution to the BTRG is marked by leveraging her extensive experience to drive groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in healthcare. Ligia's distinctive blend of medical knowledge and research acumen positions her as a valuable leader in the pursuit of excellence in clinical trials.


Srishti Gosain, MSc

Clinical Research Coordinator


Srishti Gosain is a dynamic Clinical Research Coordinator at the Black Tusk Research Group. With a Master of Science in Biotechnology and a robust 4-year tenure at a leading Clinical Research Organization and Biopharmaceutical firm, she's an indispensable force within our ranks. Srishti's expertise notably encompasses pharmacovigilance, emphasizing her unwavering commitment to safeguarding healthcare standards. In her previous role as a Research Scientist at a global pharmaceutical and vaccine powerhouse in India, she was an unrelenting advocate for patient-centric research and international clinical trial excellence.


Rosalie Ijomone, MSc

Clinical Research Coordinator


Rosalie, a dedicated clinical research professional driven by her passion for advancing medical knowledge and improving patient outcomes. Throughout her career, Rosalie has taken on various responsibilities in clinical research, working on multiple studies as a Clinical Research Coordinator.


Rosalie holds a bachelor's degree in pharmacy as well as a master's degree in clinical pharmacy, management, and administration. Currently serving as a Clinical Research Coordinator at BTRG, Rosalie is committed to conducting excellent and innovative clinical research.


Hilda Li, BBA

Administrative & Human Resources Coordinator


Hilda is an accomplished HR professional with a diverse industry background. With extensive experience in HR Business Partnering, Hilda has a proven track record of success. She excels in improving operations, solving complex problems, and utilizing data and analytics to drive strategic HR initiatives. Hilda is committed to implementing effective HR policies and procedures and has a talent for building strong relationships with decision-makers, customers, and team members. Her expertise includes HR policies, employee relations, training development, payroll and vendor relations. Hilda is dedicated to creating a positive work environment and fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence.


Afiyah Athahurahman, BA

Finance Coordinator


Afiyah has a background in Business Management, with a specialization in Accounting. She is passionate about studying finance and accounting to enhance financial strategies and promote organizational growth. Currently, Afiyah works as a Clinical Finance Coordinator at BTRG. In this role, she diligently carries out financial tasks to ensure the smooth functioning of our financial operations.

Yasaman Ghazi.jpg

Yasaman Ghazi, MSc

Clinical Research Coordinator


Yasaman, a research coordinator with extensive experience since 2016, brings a multidisciplinary background in public health and nutrition. Her nuanced understanding of lifestyle, diet, and health outcomes informs her meticulous approach to study design and data analysis. Currently employed at BTRG as a clinic research coordinator, Yasaman is driven by her passion for healthcare and aims to make a meaningful impact in the field.

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